Diktaattori Oy was founded in 1995, and during its first years centered mostly on radio and television production. However, along with the phenomenon that was the first volume in his series The Hangover Diaries (1998), Diktaattori morphed into a publishing company.

For the time being, Diktaattori only focuses on publishing books by Juha Vuorinen. However, the literary sovereign may be looking elsewhere, combing though possible translated titles that would fit the company profile. Diktaattori hopes at some point to publish new Finnish talent in the demanding field of literature.

As an online bookseller, Diktaattori is an indisputable pioneer. It was the first in Finland to carry out huge advertising campaigns leading to buying books online only. Over the past 15+ years, Diktaattori has shipped out over 100,000 books to Finnish homes all around the world.

Friends, we’re living in tough times. But Diktaattori is still alive and kicking. According to Standard & Poor’s, Diktaattori Oy is classified as an AAA obligor, the highest credit rating there is.

Instructions for Writers (currently in Finnish only)

Contact Information:
Diktaattori Oy
PL 101
FI-04301 Tuusula
+358 50 577 7311